Experience, Quality, Consistency and On-time delivery sets NVG apart from our competitors. These professional attributes have allowed us to excel in building and retaining the types of institutional relationships that last.

National Valuation Group

National Valuation Group was formed in 1997 and is a commercial real estate appraisal and consulting firm designed to provide a high quality yet affordable product not only locally, but also nationwide. With multiple decades of combined experience dealing with complex commercial assignments, our organization is made up of seasoned professionals who are committed to consistent, on-time products meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations.

We present the factual material, analyses and conclusions in a straight-forward, clear and consistent format that meets and/or exceeds ethical standards. The structure, consistency and format of our documents allow the client to easily and quickly ascertain critical market information and valuation results in a user friendly format that remains constant from one report to the next. Our qualified team has extensive experience with institutional owners such as Wall Street lenders, pension funds, fund consultants, life insurance companies, real estate advisors, private equity investment groups (foreign and domestic) and banks.

Portfolio Valuation and Analysis

Our expertise in valuing portfolios of real estate holdings that are geographically and/or multi-property diverse allow us to understand the economies of scale that exist in the "portfolio" ownership role; who the buyers and sellers are; and how they analyze portfolios, or potential portfolio holdings. Further, our background aids us tremendously in being able to "manage" these multi-property valuation and consulting assignments and provide consistency between varying markets and our individual offices. A strict inter-company review policy amongst our senior staff guarantees the consistency that our competitors cannot deliver.

Whether the assignment is a single asset or an entire portfolio, our product, valuation assumptions and value conclusions are seamless, consistent, accurate and always delivered on time.